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Andy's Corner Bar

257 Queen Anne Road
Bogota, NJ 07603



[email protected]

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Andy's Corner Bar has the finest selection of craft-brewed beers on tap and the choices are always rotating. We like to have all styles of beer represented: brown ales, pale ales, IPAs, weiss beers, stouts, and seasonal beers like dopplebocks, Oktoberfests, winter ales, porters. We hope there is something for everyone to satisfy their thirst. We also rotate cask-conditioned ales on two hand-pumps. George feels that cask ales are a great addition to the tap selections, and the experience of enjoying a true cask- conditioned ale is like no other. The temperature difference, the natural carbonation, and the robustness of flavors create a whole new beer. Andy's also sports over 100 bottles of craft-brewed and imported beer. You can window shop like a kid in a candy store, peruse each colorful label, marvel at the unique shapes of the bottles, as well as chuckle at the creative names of some of these beers (like Boulder Hazed & Infused Ale). George tries to stock several different examples of a style. For example, if you like weiss beer, or hefe weizen if you prefer, there's Franziskaner, Weihenstephaner, Schneider, and Aventinus, a weizen double bock.

Andy's is not only a great beer bar but also a top-shelf establishment, where we serve single-malt scotch and single-barrel bourbons, plus some fine Blue Agave tequila and smooth-as-silk Norwegian Christiania vodka for those with a sophisticated palate. Some fine vintage port wine is available as well. And that my friends is just the tip of the iceberg about Andy's.

Andy's is more than just a bar, it's like an institution, and not far from a mental one at that. The people you meet are like your next-door neighbor. There's a cross-section of society inside these four walls. Teachers, doctors, plumbers, lawyers, truck drivers, Wall St. brokers, musicians, electricians, and artists hang out here. There's no pretensions, and no ***holes! It's just a good place to relax and enjoy yourself. Andy's has been described as "your favorite shirt" and "like a pair of jeans that are broken in just right." If there ever was a place like the TV show "Cheers", this is it. If you don't hang out here already, you'll wish you did.


Sorry, there are no upcoming scheduled shows.

( shows & times are subject to change )


The Desperados @ Randolph Library Concert Series - 28 Calais Rd, Randolph, NJ

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